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CHENG YU CO., LTD, founded in 1991, is a precision aluminum diecasting and machining manufacturer. In over our 20+ year history we own our success to one simple reason: our core mission, to help our customer become more successful.

Practicing this simple concept, we have seen our business grow from aftermarket to OEM and today we service a wide variety of industries from automotive, truck, electronics, motorcycle, ATV and bicycles.

Our products include but are not limited to the following: Automotive - engine, powertrain, transmissions, Hybrid Electric Motor Housing, Heavy Equipment / trucks, Electronics, TV, LED, heat sinks, Communications equipment, motorcycle, bicycle, pump housing, etc. For more details please see our Product page.

Our website is tailor to help you quickly, easily, navigate and find everything you need to know about who we are and what we do. Our Equipment page gives a full listing of our equipment we have in house and you can take a virtual tour of our plant on the Production page as well as see our process flow chart.
If it matters to you it matters to us. We found our business on quality, precision, and service.

From Concept to Creation - We support your next innovation. We are your precision aluminum diecasting, extrusion, machining, forging, surface treatment, and assembly partner.

Please see below for more details on our products and services. Contact us today to see how we can help your business lead innovation tomorrow. We are only a click away.

Name Cheng Yu Precision Ind. CO., Ltd.
Address No.42, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City 711, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Our Business Precision Aluminum High Pressure & Gravity Diecasting, Extrusion, Machining, Forging, Surface Treatment, and Assembly
Date Established: July, 1991
Employees 119
Facilities Land Occupied: 11,195 m2
Plant Occupied: 7,836 m2
Management Philosophy Innovate - our products to better serve our customers.
Dedicate - ourselves to customer service, honesty, & integrity.
Contribute - through Long-term Partnership.

WHAT WE DO: Equipment Listing(QTY) Total MAX PART SIZE Daily Production Capacity
High Pressure
125T (3), 150T (2), 250T (1), 350T (4), 500T (2), 650T (1), 800T (1) 14 500 500 200 20T
We can also supply over 800 ton up to 3,200 ton via our supplier.          
Gravity Diecasting Casting Machine (2) 2 900 600 700 9.6T
Steel Inserts*  
Extrusion* 660T 4”/ 800T 5”/ 1800T 7”/ 2500T 8” / 3000T 12” 

WHAT WE DO: Equipment Listing ( QTY ) Total X Y Z
Machining CNC (68) Lathes (8)  76 1950 510 510
    1050 900 980
    Broach (2) Thread Roll (1)  Welder (1) 80T Press (3) 110T Press (2)
Forging* 400T (4), 500T (2), 650T (1) 1000T※ (4) 1000T (2) 2000T (1), 2500T (1)
Surface Treatment sandblasting, heat treat*,  anodizing*, electroplating*, etc.


* = Supplier Sourced

※ = Hydraulic Press

T   = Metric Tons

2016 X-RAY in house
2015 TIER I BRP Motorcycle Engine, TIER II SPX Flow filters
2013 TEIR I Supplier for CMC: Licensed Mfg. for Mitsubishi
2012 TEIR II Supplier for G.E. (product lighting) & Allison Transmission
2012 Established a Gravity Die Casting factory
2011 Built new factory and renamed CHENG YU PRECISION CO., LTD.s
2011 TEIR II for Sony, LED TV Components
2010 Became TEIR I supplier for Luxgen brand car.
2008 TEIR I Supplier for KYMCO/ BMW, Engine Parts
2007 TEIR II Supplier to Yulon Licensed Mfg. for Nissan
1998 Started producing ATV parts
1997 Establish High-pressure Die Casting factory
1996 TEIR II to Cummins, automotive parts
1996 TEIR II to Yamaha, motorcycle parts
1991 Founded Cheng Yu Ltd. Cheng Yu Co., Ltd.

CEC Engine、Nissan、Luxgen、Yulon、 New Pacific Ind. Co. Ltd.、InnoLux、Mitsubishi、China Motor Corporation (CMC)、Radiant Opto-Electronics、Taiwan Golden Bee (TGB)、Chilin、Aeon、Kymco

Toyota、Kawasaki、Polaris、Komatsu、Volvo、AUO、General Electric、Sony、BMW、Cummins、Knorr Bremse、Allison Transmission、Samsung、Yamaha、Arctic Cat